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TSG Concept

      The United Nations Education Scientific and Cultural Organization, Traditional Sports and Games has chosen us to represent the United States in such matters of preserving intangible heritage. We currently have many projects that safeguard, preserve and promote cultural heritage in the United States and Pan American countries. 

      The third collective consultation on the safeguarding and promotion of TSG was held at UNESCO headquarters, Paris France July 6th and 7th 2017. The consultation brought together experts, academics and UNESCO member states and NGO's with the aim of revitalizing the program of TSG.

      Following the third collective consultation on safeguarding TSG the secretariat convened a technical meeting of chairs and rapporteurs of the specialized working groups with the advisory committee to build on the progress made to date and establish a common framework for the protection of TSG. 

      Safeguarding TSG requires developing knowledge, sharing information and raising awareness on its intangible heritage. For decades TSG has faced a paradox: there is a renewed interest at the regional, national and international levels but this is not in accord with its apparent marginalization. The increased professionalization and commercialization of sports and the corresponding shifts in values they bring and the neglect of Physical Education systems are issues that need to be addressed. With this in mind, UNESCO's work focuses on advocacy aiming to safeguard, devolve and promote TSG. 


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UNESCO TSG  is mandated to safeguard, promote and develop TSG to ensure they are an integral part of international cultural development. Its function is too develop knowledge, share information and raise awareness of intangible cultural heritage.

Inherited tradition handed down from the past, and belonging by reason of birth.


TSG in the community.

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Mexican national indigenous games festival research project. 

World Nomad Games.